Arva Intelligence Receives US Department of Energy Grant

by | 12.7.20

Arva Intelligence Receives US Department of Energy Grant
Managing and Analyzing Complex Data for Systems Biology and Bioenergy

Park City, Utah — Arva Intelligence Corp., an agricultural technology company, is pleased to announce it received the US Department of Energy Phase I Grant for Managing and Analyzing Complex Data for Systems Biology and Bioenergy. The grant provides up to $225,000 which will be used to develop a new class of machine learning tools for gaining actionable intelligence from multi-modal, multi-scale data. Upon the successful completion of the Department of Energy’s Phase I objectives, Arva Intelligence will be eligible to apply for Phase II in October 2019, which will provide up to $1,500,000 in funding.

Despite the increasing amount of data in agriculture and almost universal adoption rate of seed, fertilizer, and chemical innovations, worldwide crop yield growth rates have plateaued at less than 1% annually. Arva Intelligence’s machine learning tools are designed to aggregate, integrate, and analyze complex environmental sensing data to discover the biological drives for the next advancement in sustainable yield growth and optimized farming. “With this new technology, we are aspirational to develop tools to help bring total factor productivity up to 2% annually for commodity and biofuel crops, while also improving water, nitrogen, and phosphorus use efficiency by 50%,” says Jay McEntire, Co-Founder and CEO of Arva Intelligence.

These data integration tool sets will have expanded utility throughout the agricultural and environmental science, including biofuel feedstock production, the cultivation of marginal lands, and the study of natural ecosystems. Dr. Ben Brown, Co-Founder of Arva Intelligence and Science Deputy for Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory explains, “the development of reliable models of nutrient cycles in farmland has the potential to transform modern agriculture into an engine for carbon sequestration, enriching our soils with each harvest instead of depleting them. Further, the lessons we learn in simplified, cultivated ecosystems like farms serve to enhance our understanding of natural ecosystem processes and services.”

Arva Intelligence is an agriculture technology company that partners with farmers to augment their ability to make the best decisions for their land and maximize the value between environmental stewardship and economic profit. Using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, Arva leverages field data to improve yield, lower cost, reduce risk, and achieve sustainability goals for farmers. For more information, visit


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