Announcing Arva Intelligence Delta Research Farm

by | 12.7.20

Announcing Arva Intelligence Delta Research Farm
Introducing a the first artificial intelligence powered field lab for the Mid-South.

Park City, Utah — Arva Intelligence has established the first research farm of its kind in Humphrey, Arkansas. The Arva Intelligence Delta Research Farm combines 3000 acres of highly censored field data with cutting-edge machine learning analytics to provide the most in-depth understanding of product efficacy and soil context available in agriculture.

The Arva Intelligence Delta Research Farm recently completed harvest on 10 large-scale field trials quantifying the efficacy of biological amendments, fertilizer products, coatings for conventional seeds, and hybrid development. Not only do Arva’s research trials confirm if the product is effective, but scientifically demonstrate under what conditions and context the product is most successful, as well as the how that success can be replicated in similar soil context across the country.

Matt Rohlik joined Arva Intelligence as Managing Director of Farms and Strategic Partnerships and will be managing the Arva Intelligence Delta Research Farm. “As a farmer myself,” Rohlik says, “these field scale trials, backed by unbiased machine learning, are putting the years of data collection we have to use. What is so impressive is the collaboration of fertilizer manufacturers, equipment dealers, agronomists, and seed companies working together here to provide grower centric decisions around all inputs of the farming cycle, from planning to application, with a focus on ROI and sustainability.”

“As we go to market over the next few months, we will be able to show growers and trusted advisors automated prescriptions and product efficacy reports that used to take teams of people and months of time to create, where now with Arva Intelligence it can be done in minutes.” Excited about the success of the trials, Managing Director of Marketing and Sales Alex Whitley says, “This is the missing piece in agriculture marketing. Many greatly innovative ideas in engineering never make it inside the farm gate, so we have taken it upon ourself to bring our research in-house to provide useful solutions and create the tools that farmers actually need.”

Arva Intelligence will be releasing more information about the success of each trial as soon as the data has been processed and results become available. To learn more about Arva Intelligence’s machine learning empowered field trial process, contact Matt Rohlik at

Arva Intelligence is an agriculture technology company that partners with farmers to augment their ability to make the best decisions for their land and maximize the value between environmental stewardship and economic profit. Using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, Arva leverages field data to improve yield, lower cost, reduce risk, and achieve sustainability goals for farmers. For more information, visit


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