Growers Edge and Arva Intelligence to Develop FinTech Solutions for Farmers

by | 6.4.20

June 4, 2020 — Growers Edge Financial, Inc. (Growers Edge) and Arva Intelligence (Arva) today announced a strategic partnership to help farmers become more efficient and profitable by delivering data-backed solutions that remove the financial risk of deploying new technologies. Arva and Growers Edge will jointly create a proprietary ag input warranty program for growers in the Arva network.

“The ag ecosystem is more cash-strapped and risk averse than ever. Growers need assurance that the new crop input or digital ag technology they are considering will not only work in their fields, but will also boost sustainability and profitability,” said Dan Cosgrove, CEO of Growers Edge. “Partnering with other ag intelligence leaders like Arva, Growers Edge continues to create the financial incentives farmers need to help ensure the long-term stability of their farm operations.”

Kicking off the partnership with pilots at five farms across the United States as well as the Arva Research Farm, Growers Edge and Arva will use the resulting data to create a product warranty for select crop inputs and new ag technologies. The combined power of ArvaPY, Arva’s machine learning platform, and the Growers Edge Growers Analytic Prediction System (GAPS), an artificial intelligence platform, will remove the guesswork for farmers. When farmers follow the specified agronomic practices from the Arva platform, they are assured performance improvements backed by a money-back warranty administrated by Growers Edge.

“We’re excited to work with Growers Edge to match financial risk products with our predictive analytics in seed selection and fertility recommendations by environment. The goal of our partnership is to remove some of the financial risks that keep growers from adopting new technologies and new crop inputs,” said Jay McEntire, CEO of Arva Intelligence.

About Arva Intelligence

Arva Intelligence is an agriculture technology company that partners with farmers to augment their ability to make the best decisions for their land and maximize the value between environmental stewardship and economic profit. Using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, Arva leverages field data to improve yield, lower cost, reduce risk, and achieve sustainability goals for farmers. For more information, visit

About Growers Edge

Growers Edge puts grower profits first by delivering grower income assurance through data-driven financial technology products, solutions and tools for the agricultural sector. Empowering farmers to adopt new technologies to increase profitability, Growers Edge solves the financial gaps of farmers by changing how agricultural inputs and services are sold, allowing them to capture more value and improve profits. Led by a proven team of crop management leaders and backed by top agtech investors, the company is headquartered in Johnston, Iowa. To learn more, visit


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