Unearth agricultural insight

Transforming field data into profitable knowledge

Science made simple

Augment your management by knowing which decisions will have the most impact on your field’s return while saving you time, energy, and cost. 

Eliminate guesswork

Decrease risk

Tailor inputs to where they work best and protect your investment.

Reduce excess

Calibrate your field’s optimal nutrition, while you save the rest.

Focus energy

Visualize in portfolio view which fields need your attention to maximize potential.

Save time

Distill vast amounts of field data into the info you need to know now.

Create powerful connections

Farmers and agronomists are inundated with more data than ever. Arva Intelligence’s machine learning platform leverages the ability to consider the outcomes and interactions of an unprecedented number of variables at the push of a button, so you can spend less time analyzing and more time in the field where it matters most.

Avoid unnecessary cost

90 Billion Wasted Annually

Half of all fertilizer sales are unused by the crop. $90 billion is not only wasted but contributes to environmental damage we then pay more
to mitigate.

Peak Fertilizer

Despite increased chemical application, annual yield growth has plummeted to less than 1%, leaving us unable to feed the expected world population in just a few years.

Growing Cycles Left

The depletion of our soil’s organic matter puts us in a perilous path to a new dust bowl. What has worked in the past will not continue to work in
the future.

Connect your insights

Yield Focused

See where optimized soil can yield for stronger returns.

Data Neutral

Get the most from your data, no matter the source.


Know what your soil needs by the meter and at scale.


Data-driven independence creates unlimited partnership opportunities.

Redefine crop research

Know not just if a field trial works, but why it works. Our machine learning platform quantifies the factors that influence a field to show you where and how an individual agricultural amendment best affects environmental outcome and economic return. Connect your inputs to profit, yield, and land stewardship through a higher level of reliability and attribution.


Join the collaboration 

Arva Intelligence originated from the AR1K.org research project, a multiyear collaboration between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of Arkansas, and Glennoe Farms. Join a world class team of cutting edge scientists and agronomists to help us redefine profitable and sustainable agriculture together. 

Meet the Team

Jay McEntire

Jay McEntire

Co-Founder & CEO

Manager of Glennoe Farms, LLC, Chairman of Utah Gas Corp., and founder of AR1K.org. Formerly CEO of Cogency Software, CEO of ProTrader Group, Head of Corporate Development and CFO of Austin Atlantic, and Head of Strategy and Planning for Parker & Parsley Petroleum Company, now Pioneer Resources.

J. Ben Brown, Phd

J. Ben Brown, Phd

Co-Founder & Chief ML Architect

Department Head of Molecular Ecosystem Dynamics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Chair of Environmental Bioinformatics at the University of Birmingham, UK, and Senior Scientific Advisor for Preminon, LLC. Leads integrative analysis for the Consortium for Environmental Omics and Toxicology and is a founding member of the Microbes to Biomes Initiative.

Zane Dodson

Zane Dodson

Senior Computational Developer

Software Architect for diverse systems including government intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms, as well as commercial platforms for signal processing, digital communications, real-time data transmission, data science, and machine learning.

An impact for the future

Agriculture is an industry that affects us all, and we depend on each of the growers who help feed the world. We are committed to providing farmers the cutting-edge tools they need to do what they do best even better. Arva Intelligence actively partners with our clients to reduce the risk inherent when working with nature and improve the profitability, transparency, and sustained productivity of our farmland resources. Arva’s machine learning platform sets the stage for further application of artificial intelligence in managing complex natural environments, including biofuel feedstock production, cultivation of marginal lands, and emergent biogeochemical and molecular ecosystem research.

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