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Transform farm data into enhanced profit and stewardship through AI

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Arva Intelligence brings farmers the power of machine learning inside the farm gate to significantly improve economics and soil health. Our machine learning engine guides seed, fertilizer, and biological companies to develop better products fast and delivers proof of efficacy, increased yield, managed risk, and quantified sustainability.

How we serve you

Proprietary data analytics

The Arva Intelligence Report is an industry-first, multi-dimensional examination of yield influence. We visualize causation and quantify attribution of fertility strategies, biological amendments, and seed genetics within contextual soil characteristics. Discover where your product works and why.

Arva PY™

Arva PY provides our state-of-the-art third-wave machine learning engine as an API to crop-consultants, grower co-ops, and companies producing innovative seed, fertilizer, and biological solutions. Improve fertility strategies and product efficacy by powering your data with our artificial intelligence.

Arva In-Field

Optimize yield and quantify risk with AI in your pocket. Arva visualizes farm profit opportunities and solutions for independent growers, landowners, and crop consultants with tailored, data-driven agronomic recommendations across entire farms.

Large scale field research

Combining highly sensored large-acreage plots and powerful AI analytics, Arva Intelligence Field Research Site encompasses over 1,000 acres of cutting-edge data collection through years of collaboration with world renowned research institutions. Know your product with unprecedented attribution.

Revolutionize Modern Agriculture

By analyzing thousands of data sets per field and discovering the complex interactions of biology, chemistry, and and genetics, Arva Intelligence serves farmers with unbiased, science-based recommendations needed to scale profitable agriculture.

Join the collaboration 

Partner with a world class team of cutting edge scientists and agronomists to bring innovative and environmentally profitable solutions to benefit our farmers.

Meet the Team

Jay McEntire

Jay McEntire

Co-Founder & CEO

Manager of Glennoe Farms, LLC, Chairman of Utah Gas Corp., and founder of Formerly CEO of Cogency Software, CEO of ProTrader Group, Head of Corporate Development and CFO of Austin Atlantic, and Head of Strategy and Planning for Parker & Parsley Petroleum Company, now Pioneer.

J. Ben Brown, Phd

J. Ben Brown, Phd

Co-Founder & Chief Machine Learning Architect

Department Head of Molecular Ecosystem Dynamics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Chair of Environmental Bioinformatics at the University of Birmingham, UK, and Senior Scientific Advisor for Preminon, LLC. Leads integrative analysis for the Consortium for Environmental Omics and Toxicology and is a founding member of the Microbes to Biomes Initiative.

Alexander Whitley

Alexander Whitley

Managing Director

8 years as a leader in precision agriculture with a focus on designing go-to market strategies and building international sales teams, most recently as Global Director of Marketing for Taranis Inc. specializing in remote sensing and analytics.

An impact for the future

Farmers feed the world, yet face increasing financial risk and climate challenges. We are committed to providing growers the intelligence they need to do what they do best even better. Arva Intelligence actively partners with our clients to reduce the risk inherent when working with nature and improve the profitability, transparency, and sustained productivity of our farmland resources.

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