Protecting agriculture’s profitable future with pioneering data-led research and development

As local weather conditions and market forces evolve, innovations that strengthen growers’ ability to adapt and profit are more important than ever.

Current projects

Advancing climate-smart farming for a sustainable future.

Weather patterns are shifting worldwide, causing a loss of predictability that challenges the agronomic plans that growers have painstakingly developed over time. The economy is also evolving at a seemingly blistering pace with volatility in input costs, changing commodities prices, and increased pressure to offer climate-friendly goods for sale.

As landowners and growers ourselves, we too feel the pressure. It’s why we’re committed to partnering with the best research labs to conduct on-farm studies that yield agricultural data, insights, and solutions to empower the agricultural community to adapt to whatever’s next, profitably.

Read on for more about some of our current research with partners like Lawrence Berkley National Labs, University of Wisconsin – Madison, the University of Arkansas, Prairie View A&M University, and ARPA-E.

ARPA-E SMARTFARM | GHG to carbon sink study

Capturing ecosystem service values for farmers is the surest path to increased profitability, so we’re leading an exclusive ARPA-E SMARTFARM agricultural data science project, studying agricultural GHG footprints to validate and enable easier regenerative land management practices.

Lawrence Berkley Labs & the University of Arkansas | XIA models for terrestrial carbon cycles

To extend our predictive understanding to the terrestrial carbon cycle for corn, soybeans, and rice, we’re using EC flux towers with parallel agricultural data collection to determine the most effective behaviors for sequestering carbon—aiding farmers to profitably mine the atmosphere for carbon, improve soil health and reduce the need for non-renewable inputs.

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