Announcing Mark Isbell’s Appointment to the ESMC Producers Circle

by | 12.7.20

Little Rock, Arkansas — Arva Intelligence is proud to announce founding Board Member Mark Isbell’s appointment to the Ecosystem Service Market Consortium (ESMC) Producers Circle. Mark Isbell is a fourth generation Arkansas rice farmer with a long history in sustainability and conservation. Mark also serves on the Board of Directors at Field to Market and advocates sustainable practices through his service in a variety of other organizations and committees. Along with his family farm, Mark was part of a group in 2016 that sold the first carbon credits created through mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in rice fields.

The ESMC Producers circle is focused on farmers and ranchers to ground check the ESMC initiatives by providing frank and honest feedback. ESMC Producers Circle Members attend and actively participate in ESMC Working Committee meetings and are spokespeople for the initiative, in addition to being able to participate in pilot projects. As a member of the producer circle, Mark will be able to draw on his substantial in-field experience as well as his many years of board and committee service to provide the ESMC with insight and feedback on how this enterprise can work with and for farmers while also working for the rest of the supply chain.

To learn more about Arva Intelligence’s engagement with the ESMC or Mark Isbell’s contributions to precision agriculture, contact Jay McEntire at

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ESMC is a collaboration of members from across the entire agricultural supply chain and value chain working together to ensure that the program scales successfully to meet farmer and rancher needs as well as corporate, NGO, consumer and societal needs. ESMC’s research arm, the Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium – or ESMRC — is working collaboratively to invest in identified research, development, demonstration, and economic gaps to overcome past and current market-based challenges in lead-up to the 2022 ESMC market launch.


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