The Value of Seed Placement

by | 12.7.20

What is the associated cost when deciding seed hybrids for your operation? Choosing the right seed is a challenge. With thousands of options out there; the mountains of information can be overwhelming. With hybrid selection being one of the most critical decisions of the year, it is important to make the most informed one.

The hybrid you choose is only the beginning. Where you plant that hybrid can be just as important. According to Iowa State University research, “ selecting (corn) seed that best matches the soil is a management decision that can make a 40- to 50-bushel-per-acre difference in yield without increasing input costs.” Even in today’s markets, 40 to 50 bushels can equate to upwards of $100-$120 an acre of revenue. That is a material value when evaluating the break-even number for your operation.

For years the evaluation of hybrids has been done from the seat of the combine or in the office after season. With the constant churn in hybrid selection and higher seed cost it is imperative to find a solution that can answer the questions you have. Arva decided to start from the ground floor. By the creation of a common soil language called Arva Ground Types (AGT’s), we can now start to understand seed, fertility, and biologicals by environment. Our technology solution allows for a state of the art post harvest analytic report with a first ever predictive report for the following season. This enables trusted advisors to assist their customers in delivering unbiased, data science-based solutions.

With the farm economy facing financial challenges, it is now more critical than ever to use the data we have all been collecting for years and understand how it can help create profitability and sustain our businesses for the future.

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