Arva & Bluesource Partner to Offer Market-Leading Carbon Offset Solutions

by | 4.14.21

Technology to manage carbon project development at scale.

Bluesource, North America’s leading carbon offset developer, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Arva Intelligence to provide an integrated end-to-end solution for organizations implementing regenerative ag solutions to access carbon markets and finance. Arva will provide Bluesource with a scalable, geospatial data platform to quantify grower carbon offsets and ecosystem service benefits. Bluesource, with 20 plus years of expertise in developing and monetizing nature-based carbon offset projects, is excited to work with Arva for its cutting-edge AI technology and deep expertise in soil and environmental sciences to this collaboration.

“We were extremely impressed with Arva’s technology platform and its scientific roots in modeling agricultural systems. Their mission and understanding of carbon and nitrogen systems aligns well with our approach to the regenerative ag carbon market.” says Roger Williams, President of Bluesource.

Arva recently launched the Arva Carbon Ready/Carbon Plus program to provide trusted advisors and ag retail customers a platform to prepare growers to participate in these emerging markets. “Our goal is to give farmers choice in creating carbon and water quality credits that best match their farming operations. Bluesource’s expertise and unparalleled track record in developing and monetizing carbon offsets in North American markets will provide our clients the ability to maximize financial value from soil carbon enhancement,” says Jay McEntire, CEO of Arva Intelligence.

The partnership between Arva and Bluesource unites the 3 core competencies needed to successfully create long-term value for growers adopting regenerative ag practices:

  1. Simplified data management and ongoing verification through measured data and advanced analytics;

  2. Ability to manage the complexity of multi-year, multi-grower carbon offset projects; and

  3. Experience and reputation to successfully monetize offsets in the voluntary carbon markets and structure innovative carbon finance solutions for regenerative ag growers.

To learn more about Bluesource and the carbon offset development services, visit the website at or contact Jamie MacKinnon at To learn more about Arva Intelligence’s Carbon Ready Program, visit the website at or contact Matt Rohlik at


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