Arva and MillPont Collaborate to Enhance Integrity in Environmental Asset Markets

by | 8.17.23

Partnership leverages new technology allowing farmers, ranchers, and stakeholders across the agri-food sector to build confidence and enhance value of environmental asset claims.

Arva Intelligence Corp. (“Arva”) and MillPont announce an innovative and strategic collaboration to enhance the confidence of ecosystem market participants in the integrity and exclusivity of environmental asset claims in the agricultural market. Arva will work with MillPont, leveraging their environmental claims clearing solution platform, Atlas.

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Atlas offers an extra layer of protection and risk mitigation for Arva and other environmental market participants, all while protecting individual privacy and user identifiable information. It is designed to ensure that environmental asset claims in specific areas are unique and not previously claimed by others in the market.

“Think of Atlas as a centralized and interconnected tool that helps track custody and ownership of claims across transactions in this critically important and emerging market” says MillPont CEO, Michael Marano.

Arva will leverage MillPont’s Atlas technology system to track and cross-validate environmental claim ownership at the field level to avoid double counting of environmental asset claims by multiple market participants. This collaboration will pioneer a more unified and streamlined approach, bolstering trust and driving expansion of environmental markets within the agricultural sector.

“With MillPont’s proven history and valued expertise in financial and ESG markets, this collaboration will provide the first end-to-end solution for producers marketing to CPGs and environmental asset buyers. Arva is proud to be working with MillPont to protect the integrity and transparency of environmental market transactions.” says Jay McEntire, CEO of Arva.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Arva, a recognized leader, to introduce a new dimension of interconnectedness to this market. This underscores our shared pursuit of elevating integrity in agricultural environmental markets and insetting, a critical sector for supply chain decarbonization.” – Michael Marano, CEO of MillPont

About Arva:

Arva partners with trusted advisors serving farmers and ranchers to optimize agronomic decisions for creating environmental assets to meet corporate ESG commitments. These environmental assets include carbon offsets, insets or Scope 3 emission reductions and claims associated with environmental benefits such as water savings and biodiversity.

About MillPont:

MillPont is committed to introducing cutting-edge digital solutions that enable the scalable adoption of supply chain decarbonization through carbon and environmental attribute insetting. We collaborate with market participants and stakeholders to enhance integrity, transparency, and efficiency by providing interconnected, market-based tools and services for insetting and supply chain decarbonization. To find out more please visit our website,




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